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Style by Marchel'e
, Cleveland, OH
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Read what real clients have to say about Elements of Style!
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Sam Sylk

"SS approved!"

No matter what the occasion or season Marchel'e knows fashion. SS approved.

-Sam Sylk


"Will benefit my career"

Working with Elements of Style by Marchel'e revealed how much thought and work is put into designs, fashion, etc. As well as connections that will benefit my career as a model.



"I now own who I am!"

Marchel’e came into my closet and pieced together items that gave me a look that I would have never put together. After my experience I came out of my shell and became more confident and I now own who I am!

-Lola T.

Ink Shorty

"She always come to slay!"

Getting styled by Elements of Style by Marchel'e is a experience you wont forget! She always come to slay!

-Ink Shorty


"Awesome Experience"

Working with Elements of Style by Marchel'e has been an awesome experience, she has good taste in style and is very easy to work with.