Did you know you can do some of your Elements of Style Shopping online? Ask about how you can purchase or rent one of the styles you’ve seen. While you think of what amazing look you would like to look fabulous in, head over and purchase an Elements of Style by Marchel’e T-shirt today.
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Style by Marchel'e
, Cleveland, OH
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Brand Ambassador

Earn extra money while spreading your style by becoming an official BRAND AMBASSADOR for Elements of Style by Marchel’e. Check out the benefits below and, then fill out the form on the right and pay a one-time brand ambassador lifetime fee (non-refundable fee). You will then be integrated into the system so that you can start eating all the great bonuses that you deserve.


  • Elements of Style by Marchel’e started in 2016
  • Image and Personal Styling Provider
  • Servicing Ohio (will travel outside of Ohio)
  • Featured in: The Call & Post and Holla Cheer and Dance Magazine

Perk 1

$50.00 bonus for every five new referrals who sign up to become a brand ambassador (IBO).

Perk 2

50% off all ELEMENTS OF STYLE BY MARCHEL’E, retail items.

Perk 3

Brand Ambassadors have the opportunity to participate in the level incentive plan (see list below).

Perk 4

Receive unlimited styling advice!

Check out the Ambassador bonuses below:

  • Bonus 1
  • $ 1,000 Merchandise Sold
  • Receive gift basket when you sell $1,000 worth of merchandise.
  • Bonus 2
  • $ 5,000 Merchandise Sold
  • Receive a 14KT gold pendent when you sell $5,000 worth of merchandise.
  • Bonus 3
  • $ 7,500 Merchandise Sold
  • Receive a dinner party for 10 when you sell $7,500 worth of merchandise.
  • Bonus 4
  • $ 10,000 Merchandise Sold
  • Receive an all expense trip to New York or Los Angeles and receive $2,000 to purchase your very own first collection when you sell $10,000 worth of merchandise.